To the Moon 한글패치입니다. (Mac & Linux)

윈도우인 사람은 패치 안하셔도 됩니다.

스팀에서 공식으로 한글지원합니다.





사용방법 (영어... 저는 영어를 못하니 알아서 해석하세요...)

Here is how to use it (The paths are different on Linux) :

- Make a backup copy of your game files (To The

- Download and Korean

- Extract, it contains two folders named "Data" and "Graphics".

- Right Click on To The , click "Show Package Contents", navigate to Contents/Resources.

- Copy the "Data" and "Graphics" folders extracted from to this place. Replace the original folders with those you are copying.

- Extract Korean, it contains a folder named Fonts, put it inside the To The (Replace the existing Fonts folder).

- Start your game and most parts of it should be in Korean!

Notes about the fonts:

Fonts are named times_new_roman.ttf and ms_pgothic.ttf but they are not actually those fonts, they are named like that to trick the game to use them for displaying its text  :)

Both of them are actually Nanum Gothic font which is a free Korean font licensed under SIL Open Font License:

(Translation of this post would be appreciated  :) ).

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